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Danyl Dragoneyes

Danyl Dragoneyes

Although the leather of your skin is patched with mange
I find your figure’s shape is still voluptuous.
And though your shrunken features time has rearranged,
your curvy serpent tail still is sensuous.

Danyl's hair

Your hair that’s thinned to blackened bits of twisted string

Danyl's hands

and bony arms and fingers tipped with claw-like nails!

Danyl's wings

Your narrow shoulders topped by webbed and batlike wings,

Danyl's tail

the coiling colors of your iridescent scales!

Danyl's stitched waist

The threads that stitch your upper body to your lower—
oops, I slipped and now I must apologize:
henceforth those stitches I steadfastly will ignore,
dear Danyl Dragoneyes, my mermaid of the skies.

Danyl again

I’ll make myself forget that damning line of stitching!
I know that you’re a hoax, but one I find bewitching.

I think Marisand must be aware of this sonnet by Shakespeare... 😋

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