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Aeronwy Defnyd

Doer of everything: serious study to whimsical dalliance.
Seeks to assemble the chaos of life into passable balance.

Dilys Gladwer

Devoted arach manu scholar all my life from past to present.
In search of scientific breakthroughs to escape my life as peasant.

Droddy Pype

Excels at narration (the best in the nation), tale telling’s his one occupation.
His meter is good (it’s well understood) but rhyming’s his rightful vocation.

Einion Codmar

Only child of the wealthiest family in Dinod-on-Neidr (his father’s the mayor).
Has a tough time with rhymes though at boxing or sports he is known as an excellent player.


Marvelous marketing merchandiser, ponderous pot-bellied proprietor,
obsessive oddity omnologist, devious deal-making disquieter.