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Dilys Gladwer

Dilys Gladwer

Height 6’2”
Weight 145lbs
Birth Date Wythmis 22nd, 871
Age 16
Gender Male
Employment Student of arach manu at Eilo Gwyst Academy
Residence Dinod-on-Neidr
Relationship Single

My Quest Digest

To earn respect and oust my poverty
requires me to make invention,
through scientific arach probity,
and prove I can, beyond contention.

And show the many who are my detractors
although I am a money drain,
a dollar-sucking budget waste subtractor,
I still am worth it for my brain.

It pains me to discuss my heritage
but it’s important that you know
that I come not from noble lineage
but from the lowest of the low.


My father Gruffud’s bonded by indenture
to harvest silk for Codmar’s looms,
but silken sickness saps his strength (no cure)
and clouds his waking thoughts with gloom.

My older brother Cefyn has escaped
by volunteering as a soldier.
My younger brother Bechan’s only eight
and not much help until he’s older.

The family worry is we’ll be ejected
from humble shack and garden square;
my father thrown in prison, we evicted,
unless we pay our silken share.


My mother Emlyn shoulders all the burden
of our less than ample home,
and though her face is tough I see she’s hurting
and that she’s wearied to the bone.

Without my father’s silk she cannot weave;
instead she trades for odds and ends,
collecting pants, discarded shirts and sleeves,
and selling clothing that she mends.

And somehow through this crafty trade she gleans
the silk we need to pay our tribute,
a little more to purchase grains and beans,
but hardly ever meat or fruit.


As a child I was tall but not
what anyone would call robust
and carding silk or scratching garden plot
absolutely was the worst.

And as my teens approached I could not see
a hopeful prospect for my future;
my wound of poverty would seep and bleed
defying any patch or suture.

At every chance I snuck away, it seems,
avoiding all things ordinary,
to breed my arach manu hopes and dreams
by reading in our town’s library.

At twelve years old I joined the fortune-blessed,
my future was reborn anew:
I’d been accepted to the Eilo Gwyst
Academy of Arach Manu.

By Meuric Prifath, head of manu science,
on scholarship I was admitted
and armed with more than my own self-reliance
my mind with knowledge could be fitted.

I’ve asked my mother how it came to fall
receiving such a wondrous miracle,
but she exclaims “No miracle at all.
Instead you have received a Meurical!”

At any rate, through Meuric’s sponsorship
and through his school’s financial graces
my hopeless history from myself I’ll strip
until I’ve left behind no traces.

It is my solemn duty, sworn and bound:
top marks at this academy
so Meuric and my mother will have found
their faith is justified in me.

And now I’m out of space so I will close
by mentioning my favorite subject:
an arach fauna volume I’ve composed,
my graduation thesis project.

Friends and Enemies, Family and Nemeses

Gruffud Gladwer, father

Emlyn Gladwer, mother

Cefyn Gladwer, brother

Bechan Gladwer, brother

Aeronwy Defnyd, friend

Einion Codmar, nemesis