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Aeronwy Defnyd

Aeronwy Defnyd

Height 5’2”
Weight 135lbs
Birth Date Tam 1st, 871
Age 17
Gender Female
Employment Student of arach manu at Eilo Gwyst Academy
Residence Dinod-on-Neidr
Relationship It’s complicated

My Quest Digest

I’ll start with my tedious family
and get it right out of my hair.
I’ll tell you my father’s Swyn Defnyd,
consultant extraordinaire.
My mother is—was—Seren Defnyd,
his partner in consultancy.
Or was, before—I don’t know what—and
she chose to abandon me.
Did she leave any note or a message
to explain her family treason?
She did not, and so I am left to
divine for myself her true reason.
All I know is that one year ago
she went out the door of our home,
walked into the forest, and now
I’m left with my father, alone.

I once thought I knew what I wanted:
at arach to duly impress
that not just by those who wear pants
it can also be done in a dress.
But lately I find I don’t care
about those fussy old farts’
outmoded ideas pursuing
the science of their manu arts.
My mother said, “Do not be trapped
in rigidity; you must stay open.”
And teaching me dylun arach
she intended (at least I was hoping).
She taught me a little then vanished
(we’d barely just started to dabble)
but now I’m just whining she’s gone,
annoying myself with my babble.

The question is what to do now?
It’s true that I really do care
about all the birds and the beasts,
like Heidr’s sheep, cathnid, O’hare.
I hate when they’re caged or imprisoned;
it hurts me to see them in pain.
There’s no reason to do this to them
excepting to drive them insane.
I’m not saying a horse should not work
with a person by pulling a plow,
but horses deserve the same dignity
that unto yourself you allow.
To objectify people and animals
and sanitize all of our oddities
subtracts all the worth of uniqueness
and makes of us faceless commodities.

Is arach manu also to blame
for the advent of this situation?
It does seek to transform the artisan
from craftsperson to an equation.
Its aim is to take arach mysteries,
mathematically inspect and deduce,
extracting their heart and their essence,
and boil them until they’re reduced.
It makes of a mystery a pattern
not requiring that you understand it
and removes all that’s special, imbued
by the one who invented and planned it.
This will turn every artist’s creation
uninteresting, uniform, bland
when you can’t see the mark of the maker
or the prints of the craftswoman’s hand.

So my quest and my mission in life,
why each morning I have to get up?
To find the unjust narrow-minded
and do all I can to disrupt!
But first I should finish my schooling
and then turn to counterstrike criminal,
so check out my final-year project,
I catalog arach-stuffed animals:

Assembly of Animals

Friends and Enemies, Family and Nemeses

Swyn Defnyd, father

Seren Defnyd, mother (missing)

Dilys Gladwer, friend

Einion Codmar, boyfriend(?)