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Laren Crawford

Here’s a picture of me as a teen.


Is that The Multicolored Marauder? The Polychromatic Pirate? Nay, it’s Captain Crochet!


I’m a bit older now, and though this picture might make it seem obvious how I came to write A Stitch in Rhyme the way from start to end is not direct.

A Hill of Beans

I like to learn new things. I’ve taken classes in creative writing, screenwriting, music composition, film scoring, filmmaking, photography, and drawing. I’ve built web sites, debuggers, and smartphones. I can play the piano, clarinet, accordion, guitar, ukulele, drums, and musical saw. I’ve played in a rock band and a concert band. I learned to fence and even faced an Olympic fencer in competition. I’ve written two (unpublished) novels. I’ve knit sweaters and socks and crocheted cloaks and sacks. I can cook and bake. I even make my own cat food (for the cat, not for me).

But how could I make this smattering of skills amount to anything more than a hill of beans?

You Seek (Amigurumi) Yoda

I’ve had the idea for A Stitch in Rhyme kicking around in my head for years and at one point even attempted to write it as a traditional fantasy novel, with little progress. I could feel the idea had potential but was stumped as to how to turn it into reality.

Then, fatefully, my wife gave me a kit to crochet Star Wars amigurumi figures. I’d not heard of amigurumi before, but it turned out to be a particular style of crochet used for making people and creatures. As I worked on making amigurumi Yoda, an epiphany came: this story in my head took place in a world where magically imbued substances—like cathnid silk—are woven or crocheted to shape their magical properties. What if I made my characters out of crochet, just like amigurumi Yoda? And if my characters were crocheted, why not crochet everything in the world?

Already know you that which you need.

Walking in a Wooly Wonderland

This was the moment when the story finally began to find traction, but I didn’t stop there. I realized I could publish it online and then I wouldn’t be constrained to tell a linear story. I could build an online world and fill it with side stories, art, people, places, music, maybe a movie, a fictional newspaper, games and puzzles…everything I like to do!

I’m not there, yet, of course, but I hope to get there eventually.

I hope you enjoy walking in my wooly wonderland!