Hang on, stitching together your page...

I’m hard at work on the print version of Book 1. It’s up to 23 pages at this point, with a projected 120 to be complete. Some people have asked me: why I can’t just print the web version that you know and love? It comes down to newbie mistakes. Three main ones, really.

Trouble with Size

The first is that I made the web version to fit the web, which means that the page layouts can be as long as necessary and every page can be a different size. On the other hand, you may have noticed book pages are all pretty much the same size. So, I have to lay out each page anew to fit the book page size. This nearly always means cropping some of the pictures, and sometimes means making the tough choice to leave one out altogether.

Speaking of Speech

In the web version, the speech balloons are embedded in the HTML, not in the pictures. This allows me to vary the speech placement as the size of the screen changes so it looks good on phones and on monitors. But it also means that there’s no speech in any of the pictures. You guessed it: I have to add the speech to every picture when I lay out the book pages. Also, because the page size is different, this often means the speech fits differently than it did on the web, too.


When you publish for the web, you want the resolution of your pictures to be as low as possible while still looking good, because that makes your file sizes small so that your web page loads faster. Contrary-wise, when you publish for print you want your resolution to pretty much be as high as possible so that your printed pictures look as sharp as they can be. Low-resolution pictures print very badly. So I’m having to go back to my originals to make high-resolution versions that I use in the book layouts.

Three Little Reasons

Now you know! Three little reasons why it’s taking me so much time to make this print version.

I’ll admit that while I’m making those changes, I’m also brushing up some of the art as well. Next post I’ll share a before and after picture to give you an idea of the kinds of things I’m changing.