Hang on, stitching together your page...

Hello Spiderlings,

Today marks a change for A Stitch in Rhyme.

Too many words

I started publishing this fantastical yarn as an illustrated serialized novel just about two years ago (May 2, 2017). At that time, I was publishing two pages per week, and each page consisted of up to a dozen stanzas of verse plus a couple of pictures. Forty-eight pages and twenty-four weeks later the feedback was clear: a dozen stanzas of verse was too much for most people to digest.

More stitching, less rhyming

I went on a brief hiatus, regrouped, and decided to try a comic format. More pictures, fewer words: more stitching, less rhyming. The response to the comic format was positive! I continued to publish two pages per week for about a year: one hundred eighteen pages, and what I consider to be the first book.

Too much reality

Reality: I started a new job. And I now had competing goals for the comic: prepare those first hundred-plus pages for a print version or continue to publish the second book online. For four months, I’ve tried to do it all, but I’m just not keeping up. Something had to change.

So what’s changing?

I’m going to focus on finishing the print edition of the first book. This means I won’t be posting new pages to the webcomic until that’s done. But all is not lost! I will publish weekly updates on my progress and include illustration updates and other tidbits, so be sure to check back often.

And rest assured: when that print edition is ready, you’ll be the first to know.

Thanks for reading!