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Pedamis 6, 888

| Harvestman’s Herald |

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Dilys, walk of shame

Duplicitous perp or virtuous twerp?

< Cathnid

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And third, on that day at the market,
an unfortunate shopper was target
of bite from a cathnid
gone wild and rabid
only quick intervention did thwart it.

We spoke to shopkeep Marisand.
“Let’s punish by law of the land!
There was nothing defective,
an arach detective
will prove ’twas an act that was planned.”

Out back was a guardian marvelous,
a Patrolman quite new to the force.
Apprehended a suspect,
overheard words direct:
confession though suspect was querulous.

That closes the case at the market,
save dissent from one voice problematic.
She was there (so she claims),
says there’s no one to blame,
for the suspect did nothing to spark it.

Want to sound your opinion? Please park it.
Have a tip or clue? Then come narc it!
So truth can be found
and justice abound
at Marisand’s Marvelous Market.

Meuric’s Mystifier

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A Rich Man’s Dime

More sense than my two cents

It’s often said that teach a man to fish
to feed himself he will be able.
But he who serves that fish on silver dish
will bring the best unto his table.

Pinching all your nickels
gives you nothing but sore knuckles.

Feats, Fetes, and Fights

Einion showing his stuff

Codmar to lead
Hook & Grapple
to compete in
the capital

Our hopes we pin on Codmar to win
a chokehold on gold,
full nelson on Perfeton,
but will he stand tall or take a hard fall?