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Pedamis 6, 888

Harvestman’s Herald

Locally owned by Codmar Communications for over 88 years

Cathnid Calamity!

Marisand, incandescent

Awful Accident or Sinister Sabotage?

At Marisand’s Marvelous Market,
astonishing: listen and hark it!
Extractor newfangled
was broken and mangled
and whodunit’s not known for none marked it.

The facts known about Marisand’s:
last Friday was knocked from its stand
a watchamacallit
for silking a cathnid
by mishap or saboteur’s hand.

And, too, at this market that’s marvelous
was wanton destruction most scandalous!
Some cages of sticks
were shattered to bits
and the bits scattered round by a dervish.
See > Calamity, 2
Marvelous mustache wax

Use Gristle ‘n’ Thistle!
You’ll find that this’ll
put extra twistle
into your bristle.

Brennyd’s Bulletins

Brennyd, can you help? I’m in an awful tangle
for my son can’t tell a fringe apart from dangle.
School hasn’t helped, his teacher’s a disaster
claiming fiber arts are not for him to master.
– Tangled Mom

Poor dear, I’ll help you untangle your mess!
A private tutor is what I suggest.
We start by raising our own expectations
and end by raising our sons’ educations.
– Brennyd

Local Disclosures

Dinod-on-Neidr sign
A gracious new welcome for every visitor,
this stylized depiction of our town and river
imagined, designed, and adroitly crocheted
by resident artist, our own Arlen Ayd.