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Height 6’1″
Weight 210 lbs
Birth Date Pedamis 1st, 870
Age 18
Gender Male
Employment Patrolman of Dinod-on-Neidr
Residence Dinod-on-Neidr
Relationship In a relationship

My Quest Digest

My father’s Brethyn,
Dinod-on-Neidr’s mayor.
My mother’s Brennyd.
She runs the town newspaper
and nearly everything else.

My father prizes
influence through spoken words.
My mother values
those penned, printed, and published.
To both, eloquence is king.

You’ll note my words are
void of rhyming fluency.
Some call me bemel,
others are more pointed, and
call me a disappointment.

Armies of tutors
were contracted and paid to
untangle my tongue.
They tried their best—so did I—
it was all to no avail.


Our house has more rooms
than you can shake a stick at,
and more servants, too.
I’ve shaken a stick at most;
a stick says all I need to.

My father owns, too,
a silk textile factory.
Indentured workers,
ex-guildsmen and families
who have no other options.

I grew up knowing
that I had the very best
that money could buy,
dined on the finest of foods,
slept under cathnid silk sheets.

More often than not
I escaped from my tutors
and made for myself
from indentured workers’ kids
playmates, friends, and companions.


I have to wonder
did they only play with me
because they had to?
Afraid they couldn’t refuse
and not because they liked me?

It doesn’t matter.
Like it or not, they were my
chosen companions.
I told them how we would play
and they did what they were told.

Boxing and wrestling
were the games that I liked best:
strength, speed, and timing.
I won nearly every game!
It helps when you make the rules.

My only real friend?
A kid named Cefyn Gladwer.
We fought and wrestled
and he wouldn’t let me win.
But now he’s a soldier, gone.


Some words do matter:
the writ and rules of the law.
Important because
they are words that mean action.
Words enforced by a strong arm.

As a Patrolman
I know talk is not needed,
action speaks louder,
and my actions will thunder
louder than anyone else.

My worthy mission
is to keep the law because
rules only exist
as long as they are followed.
Laws are meant to be enforced.

There are some who say
rules are meant to be broken,
but that’s ass-backward.
It’s to prevent the breaking
that requires the rule making.

Friends and Enemies, Family and Nemeses

Brethyn Codmar, father

Brennyd Codmar, mother

Aeronwy Defnyd, girlfriend

Cefyn Gladwer, friend

Dilys Gladwer, nemesis?