At his words my smile truly glowed,
not the least because of all the faces
made by Dilys while I plied my graces,
pinioned under Einion’s embraces,
nearly made a laugh explode.

Warming, I felt loving heartstrings’ tug.
“Einion, I know it’s for the best.
As patrolman you’ll have such success
you will make a thousand more arrests.”
Could I give them both a hug?

Aeronwy feeling a hug coming on

Too much love can kill you.

Later I would sort my feeling’s flower.
“Dilys,” I said, “we had better fly,
be like honeybees out of their hives,
gone before patrolman’s swarm arrives,
overwhelming in its power.”

Was it what I said that broke the charm,
shaking Einion from spellbound stupor,
warned he’s not just man but also trooper,
made him act like barrel-making cooper,
bending Dilys’s poor arm?

Where it slackened from an iron band,
as I spoke these words his grip grew tighter,
making Dilys whimper, paling whiter.
Dilys is a thinker, not a fighter;
Einion could break his hand.

Screwing up his face in scowling mask
he retorted, “That’s not what I meant.
Aeronwy can go, is what I meant,
not you both, I’m keeping here this guy.”
Spilled my hopes from leaking cask.

Was there any way he’d be convinced?
“When,” he said, “I sighted you two here
what you said was plain for me to hear,
damning things that I could not unhear.”
I said, “That’s not evidence.”

“It’s my duty to enforce the laws.
I don’t get to pick and choose which ones,
I must follow through or crime has won.
Justice must apply to everyone,
even when it has its faults.

So I’m keeping Dilys as my prize.”
Clearly I had lost my winsome hold;
where his eyes had started warm and gold,
they had turned implacable and cold.
“Don’t ask me to tell untruths.”

Aeronwy, enbrambled

Not exactly the kind of hug I was thinking of.

Would it help to roar at him full voice?
Snagged in brambles, I’d no mouse de-thorner.
To his offer would I be the scorner?
Stomping steps were coming round the corner!
Honestly, I had no choice.