Hello everyone, your friendly neighborhood Pied Spider here. I’ve been enjoying creating this illustrated story for you and I will stick with you through to the end, never fear!


After receiving feedback from various sources (including from my own inner self) and mulling it over, I’ve decided that what I’ve created so far is not presenting the story in the best way possible. In short, the current format is too heavy on the words and too light on the illustrations. To better serve the story (and you, dear reader) I’m going to move to a graphic novel format that will highlight the crocheted illustrations, balance them with just the right amount of words, and ultimately bring out the best in both.


Because the format is fairly different, I need to restart the entire story from the beginning. I’m already hard at work on the new format, but I need a few more weeks to get everything sorted out before I dive into publishing again. Please bear with me! We’ll get back to the story before you know it.


Wondering about the title? In the parlance of the crochet community, when your work doesn’t turn out the way you like, you frog it (i.e., take out the stitches and start over). Why frog? Because you must “rip it, rip it”.

Thanks for reading!

–Pied Spider